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Factors that Affect the Lifespan of Your Roofing System

We all want the roof that protects us from the elements and inclement weather to last forever. This may sound impossible, but there are actually roofs that literally last a lifetime. In this post, DryTech Roofing discusses the factors that affect the lifespan of your roofing system.


Roof Type

Is your roof sloped or flat? Like an umbrella, the weather-resistant finish of sloped roofing in Maryland is designed to shed water or snow. This design allows the material to dry before it becomes saturated.

A roof with a steeper slope does a better job at shedding water. Therefore, an average asphalt composite shingle may grant a longer lifespan to a roof with a greater slope, as it allows the shingle to dry faster.

Proximity to weather

A roof’s proximity to weather, such as the sun, rain, wind, and snow can affect its lifespan. For instance: the portion of a sloped asphalt composite roof that faces south or southwest is usually more exposed to the sun. The sun’s rays can cause the shingles to age prematurely or become brittle. This explains why some areas on your roof show more signs of deterioration than others.

Insulation and Ventilation

If insulation and ventilation levels in your attic are inadequate, air leaks from below can cause warm, moist air to build up. Moisture condenses in your attic space under certain weather conditions. This may cause mold and mildew to accumulate on the roof framing and deck, which may lead the wood to rot.


Ask a reliable roofing company in Maryland such as DryTech Roofing for the kind of roofing materials available to you. Each material has its own merits and lifespan, and we will be glad to discuss these with you as well. For instance, sloped asphalt composite shingles have a lifespan of 15 – 25 years while slate can last up to 200 years. We will help you choose the kind of material that suits your needs and complements your home’s architecture.

At DryTech Roofing, we can also help prolong the lifespan of your existing system by installing efficient insulation or by solving roofing problems at their onset. Call us today at (877) 7700-DRY for a free estimate on any roofing project.