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Fixed Maryland Replacement Windows Still Apply in the Windows Industry

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Who still uses picture windows these days? They’re bolted to the wall, take in a lot of heat, and are difficult to clean if they’re big and you’re small.

If picture windows were more harm than good, window contractors like DryTech Roofing would have taken them out long ago. However, picture windows are good for more than simply giving the home a panoramic view of rolling hills and buzzing bees. All it takes is assessing your needs and choosing the right Maryland replacement windows for those needs.

For the most part, these “needs” are related to Maryland’s climate. After all, who doesn’t want to spend hundreds on heating?

Heating and Lighting

For all their vast surface area, picture windows can take in a lot of solar heat during Maryland’s cold season (November to March). As a solid pane of glass, picture windows can take in the full amount of solar heat gain useful for saving on heating costs. Grids on picture windows may take in less heat, but it’s perfect for year-round use, namely in hot weather (May to September).

Of course, with great heat also comes great light; that’s why picture windows are ideal for sunrooms and other rooms that hardly have lighting installed. Modern fenestration technology has overcome the age-old problem of greater light gain in exchange for greater heat gain. Living quarters and sunrooms can benefit from sunlight minus the heat.

Almost-Equal Performance

Contrary to popular belief, there’s hardly any difference between fixed and movable windows in performance. This puts picture windows at an advantage because you can get the same results for a lower price. Picture windows are bolted to the wall permanently; without moving parts, the costs of repair and maintenance are greatly reduced.

If you want a picture window to provide ventilation, there are some manufacturers that design fixed fenestration while allowing light and air. However, if you don’t like your view being blocked by the window frame, consider movable windows with wide panes. Slider windows are among the best examples, sometimes acting as a door to the outside.

Professional Maryland replacement windows contractors like those from DryTech Roofing offer both fixed and movable fenestration. Think of your needs first before your wants.


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