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Four Factors that Affect Your Siding Color Selection

Siding is a dominant presence in a home, primarily due to how much space it occupies. You’ll have to choose carefully to make sure your house won’t lose value or curb appeal. Another consideration is the weather in your area. The materials, design, and texture should be available in the siding manufactured specifically for your weather.

Siding Color Selection

The aspect of your siding in Maryland that’s viewable from all angles and distances is the color, so it’s one of the most important considerations. A good contractor or remodeler can guide you in choosing the colors that match your house. Nonetheless, it pays to have an idea how such choices are made. Be mindful of these four aspects:

  1. Style of Your Home. Your personal taste is the first consideration, as many homeowners are reluctant to veer away from a color that does not suit their own idea of style. It is important to remember that not all colors are good choices for all types of house. For example, gray or blue vinyl siding in Maryland is a perfect color if your house is made of stone, which is growing in popularity these days. Find out which color palettes are advisable for your house type and go from there.
  2. Where Your Home is Located. Unless your intention is to make your house pop out of the scenery, choose colors that complement the surroundings. This is the better option particularly if you intend to make your house more valuable in the future. For example, a house right in the middle of greenery will benefit from shades of green. The choices may be different if your home is located near the beach.
  3. Appeal to Emotions. This is more about making your house have an emotional connection with most home buyers. Maryland siding in a color that appeals to emotion may help you sell the house faster if that’s what you’re after. This means you’re shooting for something more general instead of a particularly unique taste.
  4. Balance. Don’t go crazy on the color palette. There are colors that complement each other, and there are those that simply clash. You want your house to look great, so complementing shades is the better option.

As mentioned earlier, a good contractor will be able to guide you through the selection process. DryTech Roofing is one such contractor. We are a licensed installer of James Hardie® siding, your best choice for looks and colors that last.

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