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Frequently Asked Questions About Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding is one of the options you can find on the market nowadays. DryTech Roofing highly recommends this type of siding because of its numerous benefits. To help you be informed of this material, we answer your top questions.

How Is It Different from Regular Vinyl Siding?

Insulated vinyl siding has the same protective outer layer and features the same benefits as typical vinyl siding. Underneath the vinyl layer, it has an insulating material that reduces heat transfer. This makes your home more energy-efficient by helping it maintain stable indoor temperatures. This means warm interior spaces during winter and cool spaces during summer. This way, you don’t have to put too much strain on your cooling and heating system.

Can It Help You Save Money?

Yes. With the reduced workload on your heating and cooling systems, insulated vinyl siding helps you maximize the benefits by reducing your energy consumption and lowering your utility bills. Together with energy-efficient windows and doors as well as well-maintained roofing, you can enjoy substantial savings in a relatively short time.

Do I Need to Paint It?

As with most modern vinyl siding, painting is entirely optional as the colors are molded-in. This means you get to save what you would otherwise have spent on having your siding repainted. You’ll also be confident that your siding won’t blister, flake, or peel no matter what outside conditions it would be exposed to.

How Do I Clean It?

The great thing about vinyl siding is that it requires minimal maintenance. All you need is regular cleaning with water from a garden hose and some mild detergent for stubborn dirt.

Is It Weather-Resistant?

Yes. In fact, most vinyl siding is rated for winds up to 110 miles per hour. The insulation layer also works as a second line of defense against water intrusion, keeping your walls dry.

Investing in insulated vinyl siding can do wonders for your home. Let DryTech Roofing handle this home improvement project. We have years of experience handling siding installation and other home improvement services. We serve residents in Maryland and nearby areas.

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