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GAF® Roofing Wizard: How It Works

There are a number of essentials to consider when investing in roof replacement. Aside from the project’s timeframe and budget, you also need to make sure that your new roofing can match your home’s existing style and décor. Fortunately, you have a local roofer that can help you with this.

Roofing Wizard

Choosing the roof shingles that best suit your home doesn’t have to be a case of trial-and-error. DryTech Roofing, one of the premier roofing contractors in Maryland, offers an easier and faster way to do your selection. Here’s how the GAF® Roofing Wizard works:

  1. Choose your shingle. First, you need to input your postal code at the prompt. This narrows down the list of available GAF roofing shingles in your area. In Maryland, for example, Camelot® and Glenwood™ Lifetime Designer options offer the distinctive look and value for money that you need. Both can provide lasting weather performance and timeless design, at a fraction of the cost of authentic slate or wood shakes.
  • You might prefer GAF’s Timberline® Lifetime series instead. This is the brand’s bestselling line of shingles. You can go for Timberline Cool, which lets you benefit from considerable energy savings. Timberline Ultra HD®, meanwhile, offers an ultra-dimensional wood shake look. DryTech Roofing is one of trusted roofing contractors in Marylandthat offers both the Designer and Timberline series from GAF. No matter your choice, you can enjoy the shingles that meet your home’s specific needs.
  1. Pick your color. Hover your pointer at the shingle gallery and you’ll see the color choices available with each shingle. Slateline® shingles, for instance, come in sober black-grays that look best with your Colonial or Victorian home. The rustic reds and earthy browns of the Monaco® line, on the other hand, match perfectly with Spanish Mission homes. With GAF’s extensive choices, picking the roof that complements your home’s color scheme is worry-free.
  2. Select your warranty coverage level. Your new roof won’t be complete without a solid warranty that offers protection to you and your investment. GAF’s Roofing Wizard helpfully supplies the trio of limited warranties you can go for when you invest in a new roof from DryTech Roofing, one of the trusted Maryland roofing contractors.
  • Shingle and Accessory Warranty—covers manufacturing defects on shingles and other GAF roof components.
  • System Plus Warranty—Covers manufacturing defects in shingles and in all other GAF roof components.
  • Golden Pledge® Warranty— Covers manufacturing defects in shingles and in all other GAF roof components, plus your contractor’s workmanship.

After making your choices, click the button to see your results. The next page will show a summary of your roof configuration. You can then print this and use it as a guide when you consult us for your roof replacement.  Turn to DryTech Roofing for your roofing needs.  Call us at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.