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GAF’s Lifetime Limited Warranty Options

Nearly every roofing product is covered by a warranty in one form or another, so the challenge is which roofing product has the best coverage and what benefits homeowners derive from these warranties. When it comes to roofing coverage, few come close to what GAF can offer. As one of the few roofing contractors in Maryland to have received the GAF Master Elite™ designation, DryTech Roofing LLC would like to share with you a look at GAF’s Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage.

Kinds of Roofing Warranties

Roofing warranties should at least cover the materials and workmanship. Material warranty covers problems caused by factory defects, fulfilled by the manufacturer. Workmanship warranty, also known as installation warranty, covers problems caused by installation errors, fulfilled by the contractor. Additional warranties like hurricane-level wind coverage and accessory coverage vary depending on the provider.

GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

Traditionally, the problem with these different warranties is that, from the homeowner’s point of view, processing claims is just too much work. Imagine chasing up warranty coverage on improperly-installed roofing with apparent factory defects. The homeowner would be chasing two fronts just to get their roof fixed.

GAF’s Lifetime Limited Warranty sets out to be different. All warranties are processed through the GAF Master Elite contractors. Given the standards so stringent that only 3% of all North American roofing contractors qualify, the warranties certainly live up to the same high standards.

The GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty has three levels:

  1. Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty – GAF’s standard warranty provides a 10-year coverage on materials, cost of installation labor, and at least three qualifying roofing accessories.

  2. System Plus Limited Warranty – The next level sees a significant leap in material warranty coverage – a 50-year coverage, to be precise. A two-year workmanship coverage is also added, plus coverage on the entire roof system, including all accessories. The cost of installation labor is also extended to Lifetime.

  3. Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty – The crown jewel of GAF’s warranty coverage boasts of a 25-year workmanship warranty in addition to the same 50-year material coverage, among other benefits and offered by GAF Master Elite contractors.

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