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Getting the Best Materials From Good Roofing Contractors in Maryland


Like any other kind of commercial product on the market, your roofing material is only as good as its quality; that, in turn, largely depends on the product manufacturer. Most people buy products because of the brand or what market specialists refer to as “name recall”— a sure sign of consumer confidence in the product.

In the field of roofing materials, some of the products that easily stand out are those made by GAF. An article by Barbara McHatton published by Management Today Magazine provides some highlights on the company:

GAF president and CEO Bob Tafaro believes the company’s formula for success comes through innovation and quality. That formula has made GAF the largest roofing and ventilation manufacturer in North America, with annual sales of almost $3 billion. The firm operates more than 25 plants across the country and employs more than 3,000 people. “At GAF, innovation is our best practice,” Tafaro asserts. “Our goal is to be the most innovative company in our industry when it comes to products, programs and services.”

The company offers a wide range of roofing systems that have become popular in many parts of the US due to their quality. In Maryland, for example, GAF roofing products provide some of the best materials to withstand the state’s various weather conditions. This is why most homeowners prefer GAF materials offered by roofing contractors in Maryland such as DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions that provide full warranties for their installation projects.

Reliable Maryland roofing contractors do not only provide GAF roofing, but also a specially-trained workforce capable of properly installing it. GAF roofing products cannot just be installed by any roofer without undergoing rigorous training and testing to ensure that they meet GAF quality standards. They do not just involve roofing materials like shingles, but the whole system to provide full protection for your home.

Only a few contractors are qualified to install GAF roofing, for it requires intensive preparation and instruction to perform. Whether you reside in Maryland or elsewhere in the U.S., GAF roofing can shield your family and belongings from any outside harmful environmental elements.

(From GAF, by Barbara McHatton, ManagementToday-magazine.com)