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Green Home Improvement: What It Really Means

Recent advancements have made it possible for consumers to enjoy greener home improvement options. These allow them to enjoy improved comfort levels and increased energy savings. In fact, the homeowners’ continued interest in sustainable trends is the subject of the National Association of Home Builders’ current study, “What Green Means to Home Buyers.”

Green Home

What Green Means

This study seeks to understand consumer awareness and perception of today’s green home features. The results reveal insights into green terms, features, and programs that consumers react more positively to. Whether it’s investing in green roofing or quality window replacement in Maryland, the study helps both industry leader and homeowners connect through the growth of green home improvements.

According to the results, homeowners associate “green” with these factors:

  • Efficient, energy-efficient, water-efficient, or high efficiency—These terms make up for 32% of respondents.
  • Eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly or responsible—Up to 15% of respondents relate these terms to green home improvement.
  • Lower costs, lower utility bills, or saves money—These make up 4% of the study’s respondents.

These results solidify the fact that sustainable options for home improvement are not in decline. Many homeowners are still going for projects and products that can help them keep a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. These include investing in quality replacement windows in Maryland from DryTech Roofing.

Greener Living through Our Window Products

When you already have old and failing windows, the best and lasting solution is window replacement. You can trust DryTech Roofing for this home improvement project. We only carry the highest quality windows that can help maximize your home’s beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Our expert team has deep experience in window design and installation. In fact, all of our windows are custom designed to fit your home perfectly. This means no gaps and cracks where air can infiltrate or costly heating or cooling energy to leak out. As one of the top Maryland replacement windows contractors, we rely on time-tested installation methods, along with durable, energy-saving materials to provide a smooth and worry-free experience.

We carry a broad range of window styles that can further enhance your home’s efficiency. Our double-hung windows, for instance, can let you enjoy considerable natural ventilation. This improves indoor air quality, while reducing cooling costs. We also have picture windows, which offer access to significant natural lighting and extended outdoor views. Their fixed design also helps keep heating or cooling energy inside your home.

Turn to DryTech Roofing for your green home improvements. Call us at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our form today for a free estimate.