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HardieZone® Siding: A Siding System That Surpasses Vinyl

Vinyl siding is widely lauded by many homeowners as the most energy-efficient and durable siding available, and they’re right to recommend this. Vinyl surpasses wood and cedar shake siding in all aspects – from strength and durability to resistance and elemental damage. James Hardie®’s HardieZone® Siding is set to take vinyl’s seat as the best siding available. Read on as DryTech Roofing and Home Solutions discusses why.


Fiber Cement Siding

HardieZone siding is made of fiber cement – a material that’s stronger and more resilient than wood, aluminum, and vinyl. This siding, thanks to its design and construction, also boasts a higher water tolerance and resilience than even vinyl.

Unmatched Frost Resistance

While vinyl has respectable elemental tolerance and was once the choice for many homeowners, it doesn’t have the same level of freezing resistance as fiber cement. HardieZone siding is actually designed for homes that experience very chilly winters, which is why we always recommend this to our homeowners. The best part is that this siding doesn’t just shine during winter – it offers solid elemental protection for your home all year long.

Color and Design Options

HardieZone siding doesn’t falter when it comes to aesthetics. Just like vinyl, fiber cement has several color options and finishes. As a certified James Hardie contractor, we give you a range of design options for your new siding, and we’ll make sure it blends well and complements the architectural design of your house.

Finally, you can count on our team to make sure that your new siding performs well once installed. The performance of the siding is only as good as how well it was installed, and we’ll make sure to professionally and accurately install your new siding on your home.

Want to learn more about HardieZone® siding? Then give us a call at (240) 491-5600 for more information. We offer a range of siding options for homeowners throughout Maryland.