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Help! My Newly Installed Roofing System Keeps Leaking

It can be frustrating to deal with a problematic roof. Between finding good roofing companies and squeezing the repairs into your schedule, the whole process can certainly be difficult. Leaks are especially annoying, not only because they can lead to problems in other parts of your home, but also because they are often indicative of more serious issues in the rest of your roofing system. The moment your roofing contractor fixes the leaks in your roof, you expect it to stay fixed. But what happens if the problem persists?

Here’s what you might be dealing with:

It’s Not the Roof

If a leak persists after your roofing company has repaired the roof, it’s most likely caused by something within the vicinity but not necessarily in your roof. The leak could come from drywall issues, cracks in your siding, or even clogged gutters. While your contractor will check the roof thoroughly for any problems, they might miss things that are not actually on the roof itself.

Incorrect Installation and Poor Quality Materials

A common problem resulting from hiring unqualified roofing contractors is that they often make mistakes when repairing or installing a roofing system. It’s tempting to grab the sweet offers and promotions these contractors make, however, their lower prices often come at the expense of quality, so you’re likely to suffer persistent problems, even in newly repaired or installed roofs.

Settling Problems

The foundation of your home settles when it moves even just a little bit from its original position. This can affect your roofing system and cause leaks as the beams, rafters and other parts of your roof are yanked away from the structure.

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