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Hidden Roof Damage and The Different Kinds To Look Out For

Failing to keep up with your regular roof inspections can leave you vulnerable to various types of hidden roof damage. Most of these types of damage can easily cause your roof to deteriorate and require replacement earlier than expected, further adding to the expenses that come with repairing your roof. Therefore, you should always have your roof inspected and keep yourself in the know as to what these hidden roof damage could be.

In this post, DryTech Roofing LLC, one of the leading suppliers of James Hardie® siding, discuss the different kinds of hidden roof damage you should have your roof checked out for.

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Rotten/Inadequate Decking

Since your roof’s decking is beneath the system itself, damage to this area is the easiest to miss. Rotten decking is the number one issue that roofers often uncover during tear-offs and your contractor will likely put in a new sheathing before putting the new roof in place. Inadequate decking, on the other hand, can be spotted by your contractor once they realize that the decking is springy and bouncy. Like rotten decking, they’ll recommend replacing the old sheathing with a new one.

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues isn’t a problem that you can detect from below. Blocked drainage systems can result in the water ponding on your roof’s surface and might only be spotted when an inspector is up on your roof. With that in mind, it’s always best to have your roof inspected after a bad storm to prevent roof collapse or water leaks. To have your roof inspected, you can always turn to roofing James Hardie plank siding installation pros, DryTech Roofing LLC.

Storm Damage

Oftentimes, storm damage is obvious but there are also times when they can be difficult to spot, especially hail damage. Tiny holes in the roof caused by the smaller hailstones can easily expose your underlayment to moisture damage and cause mold growth and leaks. Most of the time only roofing professionals can notice hail damage immediately, so always call one to inspect your roof after a particularly bad hailstorm.

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