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Home Improvement Solutions For a Comfortable and Beautiful Home – Part 2 Attic Insulation

You probably already know just how important attic insulation can be. It can impact year-round comfort in your home by reducing the transfer of heat between your attic space and your living spaces. As with most essential components, however, attic insulation often suffers damage over time. One of the most common causes of damage is roof leaks: Wet insulation may encourage mold growth and other health concerns and can impact on the home’s  thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Unfortunately, wet attic insulation can never be repaired or salvaged. You’ll have to invest in a complete replacement. To get you started on the right foot, check out these handy tips:

  • Take into account the R-value. The effectiveness of your attic insulation will depend on its R-value, which measures its ability to resist heat flow. Make sure your attic insulation has a high R-value so you can expect better performance from it.
  • Decide on the insulation type. Most attic insulation comes in loose fill or batt. The former is packaged in bags and blown into place with special equipment. This option works best for attics with irregular joist spacing and lots of obstructions to work around. The latter is available in different thicknesses and is rolled into place. It is usually cut to fit around obstructions.
  • Choose a good insulation material. There are many options to choose from on today’s market, such as cellulose, mineral wool and cotton. Premier home improvement companies, however, use the most efficient insulation material there is–fiberglass. One of the most cost-effective options available today, fiberglass also delivers well in performance terms. Fiberglass insulation has a superior R-value, which means it can ably retain the desired temperature in your home. Warm or cool, fiberglass insulation ensures your living spaces are comfortable, without putting an extra load on your HVAC system. In addition, this choice can effectively resist moisture and fire.
  • Hire a trusted contractor for the job. Attic insulation is not appropriate for DIY work. To prevent mistakes and ensure your choice of insulating material retains its R-value performance, always work with a professional who’ll not just have the necessary tools and equipment for the job, but the experience to provide the timely and efficient workmanship you expect as well.

When aiming to improve the thermal comfort of your home, without the high energy costs, consider replacing your old and damaged attic insulation with a newer, better option from a trusted home improvement company.

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