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How Does the Siding Affect Your Home’s Interior

The siding may be one of the biggest components of your home’s exterior, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely unrelated to what’s inside. According to one of the best siding and roofing contractors in the area, the siding has a significant impact on different things on the other side of the wall. We’ll take a closer look in this post.


It Keeps Your Walls Dry

Your home’s interior walls are usually made of a combination of concrete, wood and some form of insulation. All of these materials tend to absorb moisture. Without the siding, water from outside will literally soak your walls, manifesting on the other side in the form of unsightly streaks or spots.

It Helps Keep the Home Comfy

When homeowners think of insulation, many of them tend to forget about the siding. According to roofing contractors, your home’s siding acts as your wall’s first barrier against extreme heat or cold from outdoors. Because of the siding, insulation is more efficient, and you get to save on your electric bills because your HVAC will use less power to keep indoor air regulated.

It Helps Reduce Noise

Noise coming from the outside can disrupt whatever you’re doing at home. A significant part of the sound waves from outside is absorbed by your siding before the vibration makes its way past the interior walls. Combined with good doors and windows, booming noises from outside can be reduced to weak murmurs.

It Works as a Shield

According to siding and roofing contractors, the most important function of your home’s siding is to provide a physical barrier against factors that might easily damage the rest of your home’s wall interior. For example, branches or debris carried by the wind can punch through soft plywood or insulation, but your siding panels will absorb or deflect the force of impact, preventing damage.

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