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How DryTech Replacement Windows Can Help Get Rid of Drafts

Did you have drafty air coming in from your windows last winter? If so, then this certainly created problems for you. That’s because when cold air seeps into your home, it can make your interiors uncomfortably cold. To compensate for the cold, you’ll probably be tempted to crank up the heater, which in turn will make your energy bills soar. If you are continuously letting in drafts,then you will most likely end up having to pay more all season long as you lose valuable energy through those drafty windows.

So what causes this vicious cycle of energy loss? Poorly sealed windows.

Now that it’s already spring and the climate is warmer, you should go around your home and check your windows. And if necessary, get them fixed in time for the summer season.

Your windows should always be tightly shut during the winter to avoid energy loss. If your windows are letting in too much cold air, then you’d better get them checked. See if all your windows still open and close properly.Also, check the latches and locks to make sure that they are sealed. Lastly, if you can still feel a draft, then the caulking and sealant around the frames and edges might have already become brittle and broken, especially in old windows; small holes that you may not have noticed will surely let in cold air. When this happens, then you might need to invest in window replacements.

If you need window replacement in Maryland, make sure that you get DryTech Roofing replacement windows. When it comes to service and materials, nothing can compare to DryTech’s top-of-the-line replacement windows.With our products, you surely won’t have to worry about drafts and energy loss for a long time.

Call DryTech Roofing today and learn more about our energy-efficient and beautifully crafted replacement windows in Maryland. You can also check out the other pages on this site for our other home improvement products and services.