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How Insulated Vinyl Siding Helps Conserve Energy

When it comes to keeping their homes comfortable while maintaining low energy consumption, local homeowners have a number of options. Most people choose to install energy-efficient windows, doors, and insulation systems. For a more comprehensive result, however, we recommend installing new, energy-efficient Maryland siding.

Since it covers the majority of your exterior, siding contributes a lot to your home’s energy efficiency. Vinyl siding has long been the most popular choice in siding replacement because of its energy-saving properties and low maintenance. By installing insulated vinyl siding, you’ll get more benefits than you would with its non-insulated counterpart. DryTech Roofing explains everything you need to know about it.

Energy-Saving Properties of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding in Maryland is the product of two main materials: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins and acrylics. One of its selling points is its natural energy efficiency; it can help minimize heating and cooling costs by preventing excessive energy loss. DryTech Roofing can install high-quality insulated vinyl siding for you. Our products can eliminate gaps on your walls, resulting in a more comfortable living environment. With us, you can save up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs over time.

Other Benefits

This siding choice offers more than just superior energy efficiency. It provides other advantages, including:

  • Aesthetics – It can mimic the look of natural wood siding, exuding timeless beauty and class. It’s available in numerous colors and styles to suit your needs.

  • Ease of Maintenance – Insulated vinyl siding is resistant to weather and other disastrous elements. It doesn’t require frequent painting and scraping to look great.

  • Noise Reduction – When you install this siding in Maryland, you can keep your home peaceful and cozy for everyone. This is possible through its foam backer material, which helps reduce the level of exterior noise that enters your home.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency without compromising its beauty and durability, consider installing our topnotch insulated vinyl siding. DryTech Roofing has nearly two decades of experience creating better homes for local families. We can help you achieve a more energy-efficient and beautiful home through our high-class products.

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