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How Siding Protects Your Home

When choosing a siding replacement option, it’s important to choose one that can handle your area’s climate. After all, your siding—the largest part of your home’s exterior—plays a large role in protecting your property. How exactly does it do this?. 

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Siding Keeps Rainwater From Infiltrating Your Home  

Excess or trapped moisture can create a host of problems for your interior, the most serious of which are mold and dry rot. Mold thrives in a dark, damp environment while dry rot—contrary to what this type of fungi’s name might suggest—usually grows in damp wood. Mold eats away wood while dry rot takes away its characteristic rigidity, weakening your home’s overall structure. That’s why if you notice green or black patches of mold or grey-whitish patches of rot, you should have a contractor from one of your local siding and roofing companies conduct a comprehensive inspection. 

What are the types of siding that can resist moisture damage well? Vinyl siding easily sheds rainwater and has minimal maintenance, making it ideal for wet climates. But if your area is frequented by storms and other extreme weather events, fiber cement siding is durable enough to withstand hail and wind damage. 

Siding Secures Your Home’s Interior and Structure

In particular, you need to keep an eye out for signs of moisture damage in the wooden beams that support your home. 

Protects Your Interior From Extreme Temperatures 

Combined with proper insulation, siding can protect your home from extreme temperatures while maintaining a consistent level of indoor comfort. 

Need help choosing the right siding for your area’s climate? It’s best to consult a local siding and roofing company. Since local contractors are more familiar with the local climate and building codes, they can make better recommendations. 

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