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How The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler Works

The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler renders home improvement the way it should be: fun and exciting. With plenty of features to play with, this handy tool helps you choose the right building products and make sound decisions from a style point of view.

Here’s how it works:

Edit YOUR Home or Any Home

Like other virtual remodeling tools, it lets you upload an image of your actual home and modify its elements. But unlike other virtual remodeling tools, it offers a long list of pre-selected homes ready for editing. Experienced roofing companies, including us at DryTech Roofing, love it because it doesn’t limit you to only three or four architectural styles. With nearly 30 models of different architectures, you can find the closest digital replica of your home to design.

Experiment with Roof, Walls, and Trim

It allows you to explore GAF’s impressive selection of asphalt shingle roofing options. It features all color families, instantly viewable in a single click. It takes most of the load off your imagination, giving you the opportunity to see how each product would look like on a house.

Since home exterior is more than just the roof, it lets you alter the color of the walls and house trim too. Based on the roofing product you selected, the tool will suggest complementary matches to form a beautiful exterior palette from scratch.

Pick from Designer-Picked Palettes

To see a striking combination, the GAF Virtual Home Remodeler features handpicked combos by Nancy Fire, the creative director and founder of Design Works International. Nancy’s picks make excellent choices and gorgeous examples to draw inspiration from.

Control the Sun

Another reason any architecturally savvy roofing company likes this tool is its option to see the home exterior in all kinds of light. Since the appearance of building materials changes depending on the hour or season, you can see the difference between morning and afternoon, summer and winter.

Save, Share, or Print Your Creation

Sign into the GAF Virtual Home Remodeler and you can create as many masterpieces as you can and save your projects. If you’re happy with your creations, you can print them or share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or through email.

Plan your next home exterior remodeling project in Maryland the fun way with the GAF Virtual Home Remodeler. To use it with DryTech Roofing to compare and contrast premium building materials, call (240) 491-5600 right now. We’ll be happy to schedule your FREE estimate at your convenience.