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How to Choose the Right Quote for Home Improvement

James Hardie siding replacement can be due to a home improvement project (you simply want your old siding to be taken down and replaced to improve your home’s curb appeal and protection) or to damage caused by a recent storm. In both cases, it pays to do some research and get bids from three to five contractors.


Estimate vs. Quote

An estimate is the cost of your new siding based on a preliminary inspection by a contractor. They will base this estimate on past experiences and the current cost of materials and labor. The actual cost may be up to 15% more or less than the estimate.

A quote — also called a bid — is a detailed list of materials, labor, insurance, etc. that make up the cost of your project. Once you sign a quote, it becomes a contract between you and the James Hardie plank siding contractor.

How to Identify the Right Quote

No matter how eager or anxious you are to replace your siding, don’t rush into signing a contract without doing your research. Here’s how you can identify the right quote.

  • The quote should be detailed and transparent. It should present everything you need to know, from the price of the materials to the cost of labor.

  • While some contractors do not have insurance, thereby lowering the cost of your installation, it’s a bad idea to trust them. Always hire an insured James Hardie fiber cement siding contractor. The insurance will protect you in case of damage or injury to a worker.

  • Your contract should include the hourly rates of your contractor. It should also specify the start and finish dates. You can also ask your contractor to include the number of workers to expect.

The quote is likely to be higher if:

  • Your house is big or if the architecture is complicated. This will require more work and will also take more time, which will lead to a higher bid.

  • You want the best material. This is not a bad thing; the best materials look better and last longer. They also come with the best warranties.

  • You get the top-of-the-line warranties. This is a better choice than having a poor warranty or none at all.

The quote is likely to be low if:

  • You hire a storm chaser. A storm chaser is a contractor that visits an area recently hit by a storm, preying on desperate and anxious homeowners. To avoid hiring the wrong contractor, make sure they’re local, have a physical shop/showroom/office, have insurance, have a license to operate in your state and offer warranties.

  • You specifically tell the contractor to use the cheapest materials. A good contractor is likely to back out or at least discourage you from doing that. Beware of a contractor that actually supports that decision. In the long term, you are likely to spend more on repairs and premature replacements.

At DryTech Roofing LLC, we always provide quality assurance to our customers. You can be sure of superior workmanship and only the best materials you can find in Maryland. Call us today and get a free, no-obligation estimate.