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How to Establish a Good Relationship With Your Contractor

One important aspect of siding replacement (and just about any other home improvement project in general) is establishing a good relationship with your siding contractors. It doesn’t just ensure great results, it also helps reduce stress associated with remodeling and makes future remodeling projects even easier.

Here are some ways to help you establish a good relationship with your siding contractor.

Be Decisive

Contractors only follow whatever’s stated in the blueprints and specifications, all of which are decided during the planning stage. There are plenty of opportunities to change the project during this stage; in fact, nothing is greenlit until the homeowner signs the written quotation. Note that changes to the project after it has started happens once in a while. It could be a change in the start date because of inclement weather or because of preexisting outer wall conditions have to be addressed before the new siding can be installed.

Indecisiveness that leads to changes in the middle of the project, however, is different. It can cause delays, incur additional costs and generally makes things difficult for both client and contractor.


Clear communication between clients and siding contractors is another essential element of a good working relationship. Communicating your ideas clearly can put you and the contractor on the same page, eliminate guesswork, and make it easier to achieve the results exactly as you want it. Engaging in occasional casual talk can also improve rapport, and help lighten up the mood especially during times of stress.

Take Your Time

You don’t have to hit it off with your contractor immediately. More often than not, a strong client-and-contractor relationship is developed over time, and across multiple projects. Many contractors, including us, specialize in more than just siding; we also install and repair roofs. We treasure every homeowner we work with because it doesn’t just make sense business-wise, but it also helps develop trust between both parties.

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