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How to Get the Best Work From Your Contractor

One of the most challenging aspects of a roof-replacement project is getting the best work from roofing contractors. Good preparation and a proactive approach is the best way to get your project on track. Following these tips is the first step toward achieving the results that you want:

Prepare a Project Journal

Getting organized can help eliminate the stress associated with having to juggle paperwork. It could also waste time in hunting for, say, an invoice or a receipt. So as early as possible, have a project journal ready. It can be any sturdy notebook where you can make lists, sketches, and illustrations, as well as store your contracts, permits and all documents related to your project. A notebook with some kind of pocket is ideal for saving clippings, receipts and business cards.

Exchange Contact Information

Make it a point to exchange contact information with your team leader on or before installation day. Provide at least a phone number, an email address or a Messenger or Skype username, in case you need to exchange photos or other files.

Change Procedure

Another reason you should exchange contact information with roofing contractors is that if you need to sign off on project changes, you’re just a phone call away. All this should be documented in a change procedure, including a Plan B where, in case you can’t be reached, another person should be authorized to sign off on it. This is important since project changes are often not included in the quoted price and the last thing anyone wants is surprise costs in the final bill.

Assign Work Areas

Once you have confirmed a start date and the ball is rolling, you should start clearing work areas so when the installation team finally arrives, they’ll know where to park the truck, stow the equipment and basically make every minute count during installation. You can also assign amenities like wash areas, shaded break areas and a bathroom for the team’s use.

Just Be Nice

Speaking for ourselves, working with homeowners who are generally pleasant, even in small ways, can help lighten up the mood and create a great work environment. It also makes us excited to work with the same client again on a future project.

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