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How to Improve Your Home’s Appeal with a Window Makeover

Windows play a big part in any home. They give proper ventilation and offer scenic views. But more than function, windows also add beauty and character to any living space. There are many ways you can give your windows a makeover. DryTech Roofing, a company that provides excellent replacement windows in Maryland, offers some tips and discusses window types and decorations that you can get to up your game when it comes to your windows.

What types of window should I get to increase my home’s curb appeal?
If you’re more of the minimalist type, you can get double-hung windows or casement windows. They are simple but can add an elegant touch to your home. With the right window treatment, these types of windows can make your home prettier and unique.

Bay and bow are usually large windows which offer better views and lighting. They are curved outward, making your home appear bigger and brighter. Picture windows offer almost the same benefits as bay and bow (minus the curved style), with a large glass area for unobstructed views and great natural illumination.

Slider windows are sleek and add a modern touch to your home. Proper lighting and views are other benefits. These windows are also easily opened and closed, and they are durable and low-maintenance.

Garden windows are perfect for people who love taking care of plants inside their home. Garden windows are angled outward to make space for indoor plants. Plants are aesthetically pleasing, therefore making your home look fresher and brighter. Placing your plants by your windows is a great idea, as this gives them access to direct sunlight, making them grow.

Specialty windows are perfect for people who have specific tastes when it comes to their windows. You can combine different window types to create a style that’s perfect for you. You can ask your contractors for tips and ideas.

What window treatments should I get to improve my windows’ aesthetic appeal?
If you want elegance, you can opt for silk curtains, as these can add a luxurious feel to your home. If you want to have a more playful vibe, you can get curtains with bold prints and colors. Sheer curtains with graphic patterns can also add more aesthetic appeal to your windows and your whole house in general.

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