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How to Properly Check Your Roofing System After a Storm

Hurricanes and rainstorms can cause severe damage to all but the toughest roofing systems. This is why you need to check your roof for damage right after a storm. Although roof inspection after a storm is very similar to a routine check, you have to be more particular with parts of the roof that were most likely affected by the elements. Here’s a basic rundown on how to go about the entire process.

Check for Wind Damage

Strong winds during a storm do the most damage to a roof. That being said, you need to perform a visual inspection on your roof. This is especially true for asphalt shingle and metal roofing, which are relatively lightweight compared to other roofing materials. Watch out for missing panels or misaligned shingles and have them repaired by a roof specialist ASAP.

Watch Out for Water Damage

Strong rains are usually not a problem with well-built roofs, but the extra harsh conditions of the storm might have been enough to create vulnerable gaps in your roofing system that could let water into your home, exposing the more vulnerable parts of the roof. Check your ceiling for signs of moisture damage; water rings, leaks, streaks and the presence of mold usually point to a damaged roof that must be fixed with help from a roofing company right away.

Inspect for Impact Damage

Yet another factor that makes storms extra-damaging to roofing systems is the presence of flying debris carried by strong winds. Small twigs might not tear a hole through your roof, but large branches, entire trees and the occasional piece of flying metal can cause major damage. If you see any signs of impact damage, prioritize those places.

Check Your Insulation

Your home’s insulation might also have been damaged during the recent storm. When compromised, roof insulation can cause a variety of other problems from within the home, such as condensation and loss of energy efficiency, which can cause your electric bills to skyrocket. Fortunately, professional roofing companies like us are well-prepared for dealing with roof insulation problems.

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