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How to Rack up Energy Savings the Easy Way

 As always, the warmer weather is getting everyone giddy for summer. However, not everyone is out and about rejoicing under the generous sun. As temperatures are expected to get even more humid up until August for Maryland, some homeowners are looking for ways to conserve energy. It is observed that people are becoming increasingly energy-conscious. In fact, according to FierceEnergy.com:

The UT poll of 2,133 U.S. residents found that 79 percent of American consumers view energy efficiency as a priority, up from 72 percent six months ago.

“It’s encouraging that most Americans, as well as informed energy industry professionals, place such a high priority on energy efficiency,” said Sheril Kirshenbaum, director of the UT Energy Poll. “Our survey showed a significant uptick in the number of consumers who say they’re likely to invest in a wide range of energy efficiency products over the next five years.”

On this note, DryTECH Roofing and Home Solutions and their team of professional Maryland siding contractors, recommend these energy-saving measures:

Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Home experts recommend the use of cost and energy-efficient windows and doors and take advantage of their low-emission properties. As opposed to ordinary window glass that absorbs a high amount of thermal energy, panes with low-E features bar the extreme heat of the sun from permeating your home, thus reducing your dependency on cooling systems. The same goes with using an energy-efficient door. For example, a type built with a magnetic strip prevents air leaks.

New Siding is Good Siding

Insulated vinyl siding is the recommended type because of its proven durability and resistance to scratches. This lightweight material, which beautifully imitates the grain of wood and even the surface of stone, comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit to the overall design of home. You will also find it as a good retrofit option because expert Maryland vinyl siding contractors like DryTECH Roofing and Home Solutions can have it installed directly over existing materials.

(Article Excerpt From More customers want energy efficiency services, FierceEnergy.com, May 5, 2014))