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IKO’s Marathon™ Plus AR Shingles: 4 Features and Benefits

Replacing a roofing system is a project that needs to be properly thought through. From the financial aspects to the contractor to the material, everything must be carefully considered. In terms of material, meanwhile, there are an abundance of types and brands available but there is one that you should consider: IKO’s Marathon™ Plus AR shingles.

In this article, DryTech Roofing LLC gives you the four features and benefits of the Marathon Plus AR shingles of IKO.

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  1. Wide Range of Color Options – One of the most appealing features of the Marathon Plus AR shingles is their wide array of color options. From aged redwood to charcoal gray to earthtone cedar, you’re sure to find a color that will suit your home and aesthetic needs, allowing you to have complete control over what your roof will look like.

  1. Superior Bonding – No homeowner wants their shingles to be blown off by a strong gust of wind or a powerful storm; not only will you have missing shingles if that happens but even if it doesn’t cause a blow off, it still allows moisture to infiltrate your roofing system. Thankfully, these shingles can completely remove that worry for you as they are designed with IKO’s Fastlock™ sealant strips along their bottom edges. These strips become extra-tacky when exposed to the sun’s heat, creating a strong bond that ensures maximum protection against wind uplift and water penetration.

  1. Algae Resistance – Your roofing company has likely told you that algae is a common enemy of your roof. While it doesn’t cause any damage, they can drastically affect your home’s curb appeal and property value. Thankfully, the Marathon Plus AR shingles by IKO are manufactured with special algae resistant granules to help prevent the growth of blue-green algae on your roof.

  1. UV-Resistance – Ultraviolet rays can cause the protective layers of your asphalt shingles to dry up, which in turn can cause them to deteriorate as time passes by. With IKO’s Marathon Plus AR shingles, however, you don’t have to worry about that as apart from algae-resistant granules, they’re also manufactured with UV resistant granules, prolonging the overall lifespan of the roof.

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