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Important Things to Look for in Your Roofing Contract

A good roofing contractor is a provider of good contracts. Since talk is cheap in home improvement, you need a fair and detailed written agreement to avoid disputes and protect yourself against rip-offs. Apart from the contract itself, here are the things you need to look for in a good roofing contract:

The Physical Address

Legitimate roofers always choose physical headquarters. In case you need to pick a bone with your contractor later on, you need more than just a P.O. box to iron things out.

The License and Insurance

Since the Old Line State requires licensure for roofing work, your contract must include proof of your roofer’s license. It shows that the company plays by the rules and has demonstrated adequate proficiency to perform roofing jobs.

Furthermore, hiring a roofer that carries $2M liability coverage and worker’s compensation insurance is imperative. It safeguards you against the rigors of litigation and protects your finances should unfortunate incidents happen.

The Scope of Work

Be it total re-roofing or a minor roof repair, your contract should say what exactly your roofer will be paid to do. It should detail the bounds of contractor responsibility, reflecting everything promised to you during initial conversations.

The Timeline

Although nobody could predict how long a roofing project would be completed, your contract should at least give you a good idea. The job may take longer than usual, but it pays to know its expected duration to ensure it doesn’t fall behind schedule.

The Exclusions

Exclusions refer to the things that are hard to anticipate but are likely to present themselves while the project is underway. Although their presence is questionable prior to actual construction, you must be aware of them to budget for contingencies.

The Payment Schedule

Any roofing contract that demands you to pay half of everything upfront is a red flag. Generally, the deposit shouldn’t be larger than 10% of the job or $1,000, whichever is less. Reputable roofers, including DryTech Roofing, provide easy and concise payment plans.

The Guarantee

Since even the best contractor can commit workmanship errors that lead to roof failure, you should know your installation warranty’s length and comprehensiveness. If your contract shows that you have a powerful guarantee, you can tackle your project with peace of mind.

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