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Inspecting Your Storm Stricken Roof Can Do Your Roof a Favor

According to an article from wbaltv.com, while Baltimore avoided the full blown impact of hurricane Arthur, heavy rain and strong winds gusted off the metro:

BALTIMORE —Maryland avoided Arthur’s full impact Friday as a cold front kept the hurricane off shore, passing about 100 miles off the Ocean City coast line.

Insta-Weather PLUS meteorologist Ava Marie said heavy rain at the beach would clear out Friday night, but winds would remain around 30 mph and above. Marie said the winds at the center of the storm were around 90 mph Friday afternoon.

Heavy downpours and winds as strong (or stronger) as hurricane Arthur can surely damage our house, especially our roofing. How can we prevent our home from getting easily torn down by extreme weather conditions?

Use of Durable and Long Lasting Roofing Materials.  A house that is equipped with durable materials is most likely to endure extreme weather conditions. Roofing systems offered by GAF are made exclusively to withstand to a certain degree, the beating of harsh weather conditions. Bear in mind that all these are possible, provided that these materials are offered and installed properly by a reliable roofer in your area.

Inspection. Roofing companies in Maryland provide roofing inspections to determine other underlying causes and damage that may have incurred such as mold and mildew formation, roof leaks, and poor ventilation/insulation. Getting your roof inspected can address roofing issues before it gets worse. Make sure to hire a reliable roofing contractor in your area.

Maintenance. Regular maintenance conducted by a contractor for roofing in Maryland is a way to ensure your roof’s long life span. The one to call is Drytech Roofing. We are one of the excellent roofers in the state that provides only high quality and certified roofing services which include free inspections to all roofs in the metro and beyond.

 (Article Excerpt From Maryland avoids full impact of Hurricane Arthur, wbaltv.com, July 4, 2014)