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Install Attic Insulation and Make Some Energy-Efficient Home

Spending to achieve a more energy-efficient home is always money well-spent. You can choose one or two home improvement projects to help reduce your power consumption and we recommend that you consider getting attic insulation.

Have you tried staying in your attic in the middle of the day? Of course, we can all swear that this upper portion of the house can be a little hotter compared to other rooms. And if your attic has the makings of a furnace, this can have an adverse effect on your home’s overall insulation. Naturally, it also compromises the comfort of your family.

What’s missing in your attic?

A badly insulated attic – let alone an attic with no insulation, at all – can saddle on your temperature regulation, which will turn your home into a boiler in summer or a freezer in winter. And when this happens, your heating or cooling systems will have to work twice as hard to maintain the comfort level of your home. It follows that your power consumption and electric bill swells, to your great dismay.

Poor attic insulation can also be blamed on roof damage. Any crack, dent or leak on your roof can allow for too much energy to escape. If you suspect that your roofing system has incurred damage from previous storms and shifting weather conditions, have the expert roofing contractors in Maryland like DryTech Roofing and Home Solutions inspect it. If a repair work or replacement is necessary, do not delay getting one.

What’s best for your attic?

Of course, you are not to dismiss the “comfort” issue. Consider additional attic insulation as a long-term solution. DryTech Roofing provides fiberglass insulation, which is regarded as more efficient because of its higher R-Value – a measure of resistance to heat or cold flow through a given thickness of material. The higher the R-value, the greater its resistance to extreme heat or cold.

With proper insulation and air sealed tightly within your home, air leakage and temperature fluctuations can be limited and the strain on your heating or cooling systems is dramatically reduced. Moreover, the initial cost of installation pales in comparison to the return of investment and savings you can get from this project.

Remember, investing to improve the energy efficiency of your home is always a good idea, and installing attic insulation can be a great start. For more information on attic insulation or on other roof services, contact your trusted roofing contractor in Maryland, DryTech Roofing and Home Solutions.