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Installing a Quality Shade with Help from Skilled Roofers in Maryland


A September 28, 2013 feature on the TribLive website dated September 28, 2013 explores customer preferences for roofing in America. Apparently, most homeowners choose roofing for its colors first, but others take the material composition in mind. The article has this to say of the phenomenon:

Gample said he has not noticed a real color trend. “However, most customers are selecting shingles that fall into a more natural/earth tone palette, that are in the brown, black or gray families,” Gample said.

The pastel colors such as Canyon Red (red/white) and Surf Green (green/white) were very popular in the 1980s, especially in Western Pennsylvania, Gample said. This was evident because more of these shingles were sold percentage wise in this market than in any other market nationwide, he said. However, these colors are hardly seen anymore, he said.

Consumers have a wide variety of shingles types to choose from. said Joan Crowe, director of technical service for the National Roofing Contractors Association in Rosemont, Ill.

Besides the laminated dimensional shingle, which is the most popular, there are wood shake, clay and concrete shingles, along with slate and metal shingles that seem to be gaining in popularity, Crowe said.

Choosing roofing materials to match the style of a house is one thing, but homeowners shouldn’t forget about things like durability and efficiency. Overlooking important roofing aspects can cost householders even more dollars in the long run. To be on the safe side, customers can hire the services of capable roofers in Maryland to help select and install the right roof for a home.

While roofing materials vary in terms of durability, energy-efficiency, and cost, there’s no such thing as a single roof that dominates the rest. Roofs have to be paired with homes on a case-by-case basis, especially when aspects like how much weight the house can take, or the weather of the region are taken into consideration. Homeowners might want to ask professional roofers for advice on these matters.

Of course, experienced Maryland roofers like DryTech Roofing will be needed in order to install the best possible roofing on a home. Customers are free to share their preferences with contractors so that the chosen roof suits a homeowner’s tastes. It will help if householders actually researched on the various types of roofing and their advantages so that they have a clear idea of what to pick.

(Info from Homeowners set higher priorities concerning roofing materials, TribLive, September 28, 2013)