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Insulated Siding: How It is Different from Other Cladding

Insulted siding is just like any vinyl siding system—only far more efficient. Unlike other products, insulated vinyl siding has rigid foam insulation that is either laminated or permanently added to the panel. As a result, you would have walls that are truly capable of helping you achieve your desired indoor climate faster with less energy.

Insulated Siding

As the name synonymous with insulated siding in Maryland, DryTech Roofing wants to explain why you need to invest in exterior cladding with the energy performance that meets the strictest ENERGY STAR® requirements. If heating and cooling your home is a concern year after year, insulated siding is key to lowering your cost for your comfort—and more:

Burning the Thermal Bridge

The “thermal bridge” is constructed between two inefficient materials—in this case, your home’s studs and siding. The poor insulating qualities of both materials set the stage for thermal bridging to happen, allowing about 40% of your indoor heat or conditioned air to escape.

It’s a different story if you have insulated vinyl siding in Maryland. This reinforced exterior cladding blankets your home to keep heat loss to a minimum.

Minimizing Loss of Indoor Heating and Cooling

While it’s impossible to prevent 100% of your home’s heating and cooling from escaping, an insulated siding system plays a vital role in resisting the flow of heat dramatically. According to a study by the New York State Energy Research and Development, even the most popular siding products on the market aren’t efficient enough to insulate the 40% of indoor climate that naturally escapes a home.

If you’re truly set on making your home green, count on Maryland siding with an added layer of foam insulation to increase the R-value of your walls.

Increasing Your Curb Appeal

Energy efficiency may be its biggest selling point, but insulated siding is highly versatile in design. No matter what your home style is, you have a bevy of colors, profiles, and textures to choose from to enhance your architecture. Insulated vinyl siding isn’t just the choice of the eco-conscious, but also of the house-proud.

Boost your home’s beauty, energy performance, and value with insulate siding. Call DryTech Roofing now at (240) 491-5600 and let’s get your project started.