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Insulated Vinyl Siding: Is it worth it?

For homeowners, winter is synonymous with temperature control and energy efficiency, because let’s face it, no one likes racking up hefty utility bills or living in a cold and drafty home.  


The good news is, insulated vinyl siding, among other things, will make sure your winter needs are met! Not only is Insulated Vinyl Siding great for controlling your home’s heating and cooling, it is also attractive so it will make your house look beautiful, but it has all sorts of other surprising things going for it, too.


In this article, we will go over all the benefits of insulated vinyl siding for your home. 


  1. Improved Aesthetics

There isn’t much difference between standard and insulated vinyl siding at first glance, but the latter actually looks better when installed.


The insulating foam adds structural support, helping the panels retain their shape. At the same time, the foam levels any wall imperfections. Overall, insulated vinyl siding helps raise the aesthetic value of your home.


  1. Increased Durability

Standard vinyl siding is designed to improve the looks of your home, but it isn’t very durable. Its stepped design on both sides leaves empty spaces between the back of the siding and the wall, which are vulnerable to damage.


This isn’t an issue with insulated vinyl siding. The back of the siding is installed flush against the wall and even allows you to use a major number of fasteners to secure it. Using more fasteners could be a great idea if you live in a harsher climate area, rendering the siding more resistant to extreme weather phenomena.


  1. Noise-Dampening Abilities

Vinyl siding doesn’t provide noise insulation. However, insulated vinyl siding can dampen the noises coming from the outside. This feature is highly desirable, especially if you live in a busier neighborhood or near an airport or highway.


  1. Keeps Insects Out

Besides increased durability and noise-dampening features, installing siding flushed against the wall comes with another important advantage – insects and other creepy crawlers will be left with no space to build their nests. Moreover, vinyl is an inorganic material, so it won’t be a target for termites either.


  1. Higher Energy Efficiency

Another advantage of insulated vinyl siding is its higher energy efficiency. As we mentioned already, the EPS layer helps insulate your home, preventing heat loss in winter and keeping the interior cooler in summer. Thanks to this characteristic, insulated vinyl siding can help you save on utility bills.


  1. Improved Resale Value

Ultimately, the greatest advantage of insulated vinyl siding is the improved resale value it gives your home. Not only will your exterior walls look good from an aesthetic standpoint, but it makes your home more energy-efficient and better insulated from noise.