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Is a Permit Required to Build a Fence?

A fence is a good addition to any home. If installed correctly and maintained well, it can generate a lot of visual appeal for your home and last a long time. However, some homeowners tend to put off installing a fence in their homes because they aren’t certain if they need a permit to get the job done. In actuality, whether or not you need a permit depends on where you live and what kind of fence you’re building.

In this article, the roofers of DryTech Roofing LLC tell you when you’ll need to acquire a permit to build a fence.

Your Location

Sometimes, the area where you live dictates if you’ll need a permit to build a fence. This is because such regulations are made by the local government or your Homeowners Association. According to experts, if you live in a highly populated area, there’s a good chance that you’ll first need to obtain a permit before you can have your fence built by professionals. Luckily, most fence installation companies will obtain the permit for you for an extra fee that’s often included in your estimate.

To install a privacy fence around your property, don’t hesitate to turn to the roofers and fence installation experts of DryTech Roofing LLC.

Fence Height

The height of the fence you’re installing will also dictate if you need to get a permit first before installation. Oftentimes, if you plan to install a privacy fence in your home’s backyard, you aren’t required to acquire a permit unless the fence is over six feet tall. For the same type of fence installation for your front yard, on the other hand, homeowners are required to obtain a permit if the fence is above 3.5 feet. Otherwise, you can install your fence without a permit.

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