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James Hardie®’s Color Tool: Choosing the Right Siding Color

The color of your home speaks volumes about you as a homeowner. It is a statement of your character, style, and taste. It also lets your home blend together with the neighborhood.

Vinyl Siding

As important home and siding color is, however, it is not always easy to choose the perfect one. As one of the trusted Maryland siding contractors, DryTech Roofing shares the unique features of James Hardie®’s Color Tool and how you can choose the right siding color with it.

Choose Your Tone from Warm to Neutral

When you start using James Hardie’s Color Tool, you will be asked to provide your zip code. Next, you will be given a wide range of color options that are available in your area. You can choose from different color tones: warm, fresh, cool, dark, light, and neutral. Once you’ve found the base color that you want, you will then have a brief description of your choice and the character it emulates.

See Your Color Choice on Your Home Style

The next step is to see your color choice on your specific home style. Whether you have a Craftsman or Farmhouse-style home, you will see how the color will look on your own home. This feature also lets you see which type of James Hardie siding profile works well with your home style and color choice.

Select Accents Based on Your Color Choice

Another exciting feature of James Hardie’s Color Tool is that it allows users to see how different color and accent combinations will look like in your home. It’s like having the top siding contractors in Maryland advise you on the perfect accents and colors to complement your home.

Save, Share, and Know Your Color Personality

Once you’ve found and selected the perfect siding color combination, you can save it to your My Idea Center. Feel free to share it with friends through different social media platforms, or get a quote from a reliable siding contractor like DryTech Roofing. You can also try again for other combinations.

Apart from being one of the trusted Maryland vinyl siding contractors today, we can also help you learn more about James Hardie’s Color Tool. We provide the top siding choices for your home’s needs. Call DryTech Roofing now at (240) 491-5600 for more information about our products and services.