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Keeping a Warm Home Through Attic Insulation

There’s nothing like a warm and toasty home to get you through the cold season—and you can achieve this when you invest in proper attic insulation. In this post, your premier home improvement company, DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions, explains the importance of attic insulation and its benefits for you and your home.

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Why is Attic Insulation Important?

We usually turn up our thermostat during winter months to keep our living spaces cozy. Homes can’t be completely airtight, however, and all the warm air produced by your heating system may be rising and settling in your attic. This will drift back down after cooling in an improperly insulated area, forcing the fresher, warmer air back up. This cycle can cause heat loss in your home, greatly affecting its energy efficiency and contributing to high heating bills.

You can prevent this by hiring experts who handle roofing in Maryland to install proper attic insulation. This can keep your living spaces more comfortable without putting extra load on your HVAC system. It does so by limiting air movement inside the home. With costly warmth safely tucked within your space, you’ll benefit from a marked decrease in energy costs.

Our Attic Insulation Service

DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions is the reliable contractor that homeowners trust for premier roofing services. One of these is quality attic insulation, which we offer using one of the most efficient types available: fiberglass insulation.

This option has superior R-value, effectively resisting heat flow inside your attic. With this service, you can boost the value of your home and enjoy warmer rooms this winter. Whether your home is old or new, we can install attic insulation that allows a healthy return on investment due to lowered energy costs.

All you need to do is call us or fill out our form to schedule a free estimate. Our highly trained experts will check the condition of your existing insulation and recommend solutions according to the results of an energy efficiency analysis. Then we’ll install your fiberglass option, sealing any cracks, gaps, or leaks in your attic. As your leading choice for roofing companies in Maryland, we’ll make sure your home maximizes its comfort and energy efficiency.

Learn more about this service by calling us today at (240) 491-5600.