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Living Colorfully with Color Options from James Hardie®

When it comes to choosing the most durable color for your home siding, nothing beats James Hardie’s ColorPlus® options. There are so many colors available that you can always be sure of finding the one that matches the façade of your home.


If you are new to this, choosing the right color combinations from all the available selections may seem challenging. Let DryTech Roofing, the Maryland siding experts lend you a hand by discussing six color options from James Hardie® that can you can use to define your creative style.

Warm Colors

Choose from a selection of red, orange, and golden yellow to showcase your vibrant lifestyle. You can pick any of these colors to create a smooth blend or beautiful contrast with the color of your roof. Stand back and watch your home become the cynosure of all eyes in your neighborhood.

Cool Colors

The colors of sky and water on your home evoke a cool serene setting. Enjoy its calming effects along with the soft breezy appeal it imbues on your home. These colors are so ‘cool’ that they never look out of place.

Fresh Colors

Green and yellow are reminiscent of a lush living experience. They tell a tale of intense freshness and staying attuned with Mother Nature herself. Use these for your siding in Maryland if there are lots of old leafy trees in your areas and you want your home to make an excellent blend with the scenery.

Light Colors

If you fancy a simple or minimalist design, whites and soft pastels may be the blend for you. These colors make superb backdrops for deep tones. You can add other hues for a more personalized appeal.

Dark Colors

Set the tone for true romance between your home and its backdrop with dark blue, green, and gray colors. Use them with some white trim to create a more dramatic effect.

Neutral Colors

Add a touch of sophistication to your home with a wide selection of neutral tones. These colors rule the suburbs and are great for contemporary constructions. Throw in some dark colors for a safe yet elegant appeal.

Enjoy these and many more only through James Hardie ColorPlus Technology. Let DryTech Roofing work with you to enhance your home exterior today. In addition to James Hardie siding, we offer a variety of options for vinyl siding in Maryland. We are also your go to experts for your roofing needs.

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