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Make Your Home Stand Out With James Hardie® Siding

Your home’s siding is the most visible part of your home’s exterior, so it’s the best way you can express your unique sense of style. Making your home stand out in your neighborhood involves a careful balance of blending in and being one-of-a-kind. DryTech Roofing explains how our James Hardie® fiber-cement siding will help you achieve this goal.

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Color Schemes by James Hardie

James Hardie fiber cement siding features a carefully curated color palette by professional color consultant Leslie Harrington. This will give you a head start in choosing colors that will give your home a timeless and engaging style. As one of the leading Maryland siding contractors, here are a few color suggestions:

• Countrylane Red – This color has a welcoming and traditional feel. Bold, distinctive, and warm, this works well with an Arctic White trim and an Autumn Tan accent. Warm colors like this are suited for traditional homes in rural towns or older cities, along with Crafstman, adobe, or rustic ranch homes.

• Evening Blue – If you prefer cool colors, you can’t go wrong with Evening Blue. It’s classy, elegant, and smart looking. Pair it up an Arctic White trim and an Iron Gray accent. Cape Cods with this color scheme are a classic choice, but Evening Blue actually works well with virtually any style of home.

• Heathered Moss – This fresh and inviting shade’s perfect for homes with a lot of trees and plants. Heathered Moss is a subtle green and looks great with a Cobble Stone trim and a Mountain Sage accent. This color will look good on bungalows, cottages, and Colonials with matching shutters.

Other Features of James Hardie siding

James Hardie siding also has other great features. As one of the top siding contractors in Maryland, we choose their products because of their ColorPlus® technology and their HardieZone® system. ColorPlus is a special coating process that prevents the siding from chipping, peeling, cracking, or fading. James Hardie siding will look vibrant and beautiful for years with very little maintenance.

The HardieZone system, on the other hand, means that James Hardie designed the siding we install in your home specifically for our weather and climate. The HZ5® product line has superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. It can withstand freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, and stays stable under challenging weather. It also has a drip edge to help with water management.

James Hardie siding is beautiful, durable, and a perfect fit for the area’s climate. With all the possible color combinations and design ideas, it will be easier to create the best looking home in the neighborhood. If you need more design assistance, then we’ll be happy to help. DryTech Roofing has over a decade of experience helping homes in Maryland reach their full potential. Give us a call to learn more about our siding or to get a free estimate.