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Maryland Siding Contractors Suggest Fiber Cement for New Exteriors


No matter how much you care for your home, there will always come a time when you should swap out some of its parts with something better. Even if you’re not planning to stay for the long haul, adding brand-new additions to your property can at least boost its selling price before you move on to your new house. Home siding, in particular, have a high return on investment, so it’s important that you follow these tips from the Perry Tribune before you opt for a renovation:

Start by inspecting your current siding both from the curb and up close. Look for:




Buckling or dents


Missing pieces

Insect damage or infestation


Water stains

If you find two or more of those things, it’s time to re-side.

Choosing what replacement siding to use will be your next concern, although many experts agree that fiber cement is the best choice for you. Perry Tribune continues:

“…fiber cement siding from James Hardie is uniquely formulated for wet, freezing conditions and hot, humid conditions so you can match your siding to the weather where you live. Durability and sustainability are also important; the U.S. Green Building Council recognizes fiber cement siding in both areas.”

Since the state also has these weather conditions, it’s no surprise to see that fiber cement is used by capable Maryland siding contractors, like DryTech Roofing and Home Solutions, almost extensively. As the name implies, this material is a combination of cement and wood fibers, plus some other materials like sand, to give it unmatched strength and durability. Although they normally comes in dull, grayish colors, some manufacturers also offer fiber cement siding in various patterns and designs. Some of them can even mimic the rustic aesthetics of wood, which a lot of homeowners go for when redesigning their homes’ exteriors.

However, it’s the durability that you go for when installing fiber cement siding at home. Not only can they resist cracks, chips, and rot more reliably than other siding materials, they are also flame and insect-resistant. Additionally, fiber cement is an eco-friendly product because it is asbestos-free and non-toxic. Many siding contractors in Maryland are also certified by siding manufacturers, which means that the products they use are guaranteed to be of high-quality.

(From Re-siding 101: What to consider, start to finish, Perry Tribune, October 02, 2013)