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Plan for Siding Installation This Autumn

At DryTech Roofing LLC, we offer the best siding on the market: James Hardie®. This unique material is known for long-lasting protection that’s able to withstand extreme weather conditions. It can also be customized and be made available in different pre-painted colors and finishes.

Installing James Hardie siding can be worthwhile, although you need to plan for it. Here are some tips to plan the project for installation during the fall.

Document and Outline

It’s important that your siding contractors know what they are doing. Since you are not a professional, the best way to check on their work is through the contract. Ideally, the contract should contain the entire plan throughout. This includes the estimated budget, the material used, possible changes and emergencies.

Choose Good Materials

Speaking of materials, you should always choose good quality. One of the biggest mistakes in planning is focusing only on price. Sure, that siding may be cheap, but more often than not, the pricier materials are pricier for a reason. For example, James Hardie plank siding may cost more than other plank siding variants. However, it can last for more years and can come in different finishes and colors.

Do Prep Measurements

One of the biggest mistakes in siding installation is taking the wrong measurements. It’s a serious delay because your siding needs to be modified to fit a new set of measurements. Too short, and you’ll need to buy longer panels. Too long, and you need to get it cut properly. Finding the right measurements can help your project proceed smoothly.

When you need high-quality siding projects finished, DryTech Roofing LLC can help. We’re the leading provider of James Hardie fiber cement siding in Maryland. We have spent years in installing and repairing siding, among other home components.

You can call us at (240) 491-5600 to learn more about our different home improvement services, including siding and roofing. We serve various areas in Maryland.