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Practical Tips to Choose the Best Roof Color for Your Home

One of the great things about buying a new roof in the 21st century is that choices are left and right. On the flip side, it also makes it too easy to pick the wrong one. It may be a good problem to have, but it’s nonetheless something you must solve to lend your home stunning curb appeal for decades.

To choose the right one out of thousands of options, DryTech Roofing shares some practical tips:

Find Real-Life Examples

There’s no better way to start your research than by seeing actual roofs in your area. Googling images of beautiful roofs can start your creative juices flowing, but nothing beats examining the real thing. Apart from discovering what works and what doesn’t first-hand, it lets you know the common theme in your neighborhood. Most experienced roofing contractors would advise you to pick a product that blends with the rest while standing out on its own.

Consider “Permanent Elements”

Never choose roofing shingles without minding your home’s existing elements, especially those you wouldn’t change in the foreseeable future. Whether you like it or not, your roof will have to coexist with your siding, trim, and landscaping. They all have to look good in harmony to have a knockout of a home exterior design.

Know When to Tone Down or Energize

A re-roofing project is a great opportunity to balance things out. If you already have a busy, multi-colored home exterior, get a low-key roof to neutralize all of the visual noises. But if your current exterior color scheme is rather monochromatic, veteran roofing contractors would tell you to choose a head-turning roof to arrest many eyes.

See Color in The Sun And The Shade

No building material is evergreen. Each product will look different depending on the time of the day or the year. Since you don’t want your new roof to appear gorgeous only in the morning or summer, see your prospective products in all kinds of light.

Don’t Rush Into It

No matter how soon you want to have your new roof, always take your time. Supportive roofing contractors would advise you to go over every product at your disposal. This is the only way to separate the most appropriate ones from the not-so-suitable ones. You can’t be impulsive or ill-informed when choosing a building material you’re going to use for many years.

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