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Preparing for Fall and Winter with Solid Maryland Replacement Windows


Last May, a reader asked Indiana-based publication Evansville Courier & Press for the best ways to deal with old, drafty windows in her 1950s home. To cope with the previous winter season, this reader shared that she had to place blankets over the windows to keep the room warm. A home inspector suggests that insulation is key to fixing old, drafty windows.

In these aged homes, the home inspector points out that the window openings were actually designed to be about two inches wider and taller than the actual windows, and these were simply secured into place by putting trim next to the window frames. To improve insulation, homeowners can consider hiring specialists who install quality replacement windows for Maryland homes. These professionals will provide new windows that match the measurements of the window openings to ensure a tight fit.

Loose-fitting windows are something that shouldn’t be ignored as they usually result in a lot of gaps. These gaps generally drive up the costs of energy bills as they allow cool air to leak out during the warm season and hot air to leak out during the cold season, causing more pressure on air conditioning and heating systems. For homeowners to avoid facing huge energy costs, relying on the window installation services of home improvement firms like DryTech Roofing LLC can be considered as an option.

For homeowners who refuse to have their windows replaced, the home inspector suggests removing the existing trim on their windows and then using low-expanding spray foam to fill the gaps on the sides of the window frames. The downside to this is that the spray foam can miss some of the air leakage sites. Air leakage is almost certain to be a big problem once fall season sets in and temperatures in Maryland start to dip to an average of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The home inspector stresses that homeowners must use caution in using spray foam products since there are some varieties that have a tendency to expand windows and cause great damage. To minimize any possible risks, it may be smarter to let a reputable Maryland replacement windows contractor like someone from DryTech Roofing LLC to handle the task. Better yet, have the old, drafty windows replaced with energy-efficient ones instead.

There is nothing wrong with using a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness to fix minor problems in the household. However, drafty windows are a different matter altogether as they increase heating and air conditioning bills to a great degree. As such, homeowners must realize that investing in more energy-efficient windows is bound to pay off in the end.