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Preventing Flood-Related Structural Damage: Don’t Forget Your Siding

Disaster struck Baltimore this week as torrential rains and high winds caused flooding in many of its urban areas. Below is an excerpt from a weather report released by CBS Baltimore:

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for urban areas and a Flash Flood Watch until early Thursday morning.

Danger rained down from the sky Wednesday. Rapidly rising waters washed out York Road at Beaver Run Lane in Cockeysville, leaving two men stranded inside their business.

“I know this area floods on a regular basis, but I was surprised to hear people trapped,” said one witness.

April showers are stronger than usual, as heavy rains flood Maryland roads. Compromise Street in Annapolis was one of dozens closed in Anne Arundel County

Through Wednesday night, rainfall will average 2 to 4 inches with locally higher amounts.

Besides the many safety issues that accompany widespread flooding, there’s also the matter of property damage. Water damage to structures is no laughing matter, because while the water may drain away fast enough in some areas, there is always the lingering threat of mold, mildew, and rot, which in turn could lead to even more severe structural damage in the future.

To minimize the threat of flood-related water damage, enlist the help of Maryland siding contractors who may be able to help you flood-proof your home. Siding is no guarantee of protection against floods, but they can go a long way towards minimizing the risks of damage.

Among the many siding contractors in Maryland, one company known for their year-round reliability and active involvement in the local community is DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions. They are certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) and by James Hardie to install some of the highest-quality siding available on the market today. The types of siding they offer include fiber cement, vinyl, and insulated vinyl. Get in touch with DryTech Roofing for a free estimate today.

(Article Excerpt from Heavy Rain And High Winds Causing Trouble In Maryland, Baltimore.cbslocal.com)