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Preventing Roof Leaks: 3 Key Maintenance Tips

It’s sometimes impossible to stop roof leaks, but you can always deal with them timely. With proper maintenance, you can identify any leakage before worse comes to worst.

Preventing Roof Leaks

As one of the top Maryland roofers, DryTech Roofing wants to share the most effective ways to maintain your roof and stay ahead of major leak problems. Here are the key things you can do now:

Inspect Penetrations

Anything that pops through your roof always deserve a look. Chimneys, plumbing vents, and skylights are the most common sources of air and water leaks. Even if they’ve been there since your roof was first installed, make sure the sealing in these fixtures are intact.

However sloped your roof is, it’s always advisable to leave the inspection to pros. After all, our experienced roofers in Maryland have the trained eye to identify the red flags.

Check the Drip Edges

The chief role of your drip edges is to keep the water away from the fascia. When something’s wrong with them or when they’re missing, the eaves of your roof would have leak problems. Snow and wind-driven rains would enter the gap between your fascia board and roof deck, rotting the wood.

Assessing the drip edges is part of any professional roof inspection. Our top roofers have the tools and expertise to check these vulnerable areas safely and efficiently.

Look at Your Attic

Your attic is one of the best places to spot signs of leaks. Algae streaks, mold growth, wet spots, and black rings around the nails are some of the indications that you have a leaky roof.

If you discover any of these causes for concern, we recommend consulting us for a roof repair in Maryland. A visit by our professional roofers can reveal if your attic lacks proper ventilation. After all, this causes your attic to trap moisture and heat.

Give your roof the care it needs before major leaks occur. Call DryTech Roofing now at (240) 491-5600 and let us assist you with your roofing needs. We can even offer you a free estimate.