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Pro Talk: FAQs About Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingle systems cover more roofs in America than any other kind of material. Yet, they remain a mystery to many homeowners.

As a factory-certified GAF, Tamko, and CertainTeed roofer, DryTech Roofing wants to demystify asphalt shingles, particularly when it comes to roof repair and replacement projects. Here are the most common questions we’ve encountered from customers since entering the business in 2000:

Do Leaky Roofs Always Merit a Complete Replacement?

Leaks are always serious by nature, but they don’t necessarily call for a total roof replacement. This doesn’t mean repairs will automatically suffice. A thorough inspection is imperative to detect the actual source of the water leakage and uncover other hidden problems.

If all the issues are localized, reshingling makes more sense than re-roofing. But, then again, the age factor may tip the balance in favor of replacement. If you need to do a replacement in a few years, tackle it now instead of repairing an old roof near the end of its service life.

Can I Do Roof Repairs Myself?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Experienced roofers would always advise against DIY repairs because they come with great risks. The job would involve climbing a ladder, walking on the sloped roof several feet above the ground, and making repeated runs while carrying supplies. The long trip to the top of your roof could be a shortcut to the orthopedic clinic. And even if you manage to stay in one piece after the project, you might worsen the damage or cause a new one if you lack the technical skills or specialized tools.

Can You Install The Shingles Over My Existing Roof?

In re-roofing, skipping the removal of the existing, worn-out shingles would surely speed things up and minimize the mess produced during the project. However, installing new materials over the old ones could spell disaster.

Reputable roofers would say that shingles must be laid as flat as possible for optimal results. Otherwise, your replacement roof will be highly prone to blow-offs. In addition, tearing off the old materials is the only way to evaluate the condition of the underlying wood deck. Moreover, leaving the existing shingles untouched would only increase the load your home has to bear.

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