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Protect Your Maryland Home: Prepare Your Roof for Winter

The 2015 edition of The Old Farmers Almanac says that about three-quarters of the nation will experience below to normal temperatures. We’ll be experiencing another long cold winter, just like we did last year.

Here are the projected temperatures for the coming months:

  • December – slightly below average
  • January – below average
  • February – well below average
  • March – below average

In general, this winter is seen to bring about an average of 20 inches of snowfall in Baltimore, Maryland. On the other hand, Mike Masco, veteran weather forecaster of ABC2 News, predicted that about 28–35 inches of snow will fall in Baltimore and about 50 inches all throughout the state.

Just like last year, a polar vortex, which is a pocket of extremely cold air in the Northern Hemisphere affecting the polar region, will hit the nation. This is expected to produce historic cold air that will bring some snowstorms in the East Coast.

In anticipation of the snowstorms, inspect your roofing in Maryland. However, checking it by yourself may be risky as its surface may get slippery due to snowfall. You may contact a professional like our team at DryTech Roofing to check the condition of your shingles and replace warped and missing pieces to prevent water from seeping through them. In addition, repair or replace broken flashing, especially at the walls and around vent pipes. Leaks often start from these parts.

With the forecasted below-average temperatures in the next few months, your roof may be prone to ice dam formation. Check your attic for sufficient ventilation and insulation to prevent this problem and to help your home maintain a comfortable temperature. If you need to improve your home’s insulation, we can install fiberglass insulation, one of the most efficient types of insulation on the market.

You can free yourself of worries this harsh winter by calling a professional roofing company in Maryland to prepare your roof. We at DryTech Roofing can help you. We can check, repair, and replace your roof.

Call us today at (240) 547-2447 and let’s start protecting your property from the elements through proper roof inspection and timely repair or replacement.