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Protecting Your Home’s Exterior During a Roof Replacement

Professional contractors from reputable roofing companies will always take the necessary precautions to ensure your property isn’t damaged during a roof installation. However, for extra peace of mind, there are a few steps homeowners can take to protect their garden and exterior during roof replacements.

Here are some of the extra precautions you can take:

Lay Plywood on Top of Your Driveway

It’s important that you clear the driveway to free up space for contractors’ equipment. After clearing the driveway, place plywood on top of the concrete pavement to protect it from falling debris and scapes.

Drape a Tarp Over Flowerbeds

Falling debris should be no problem for large shrubs and small trees. However, delicate flowerbeds are easily trampled, which is why they should be covered with a tarp. It’d also be a good idea to trim your lawn before your roof is torn off. Trimming your lawn will make it easier for roofing contractors to find and remove nails in your garden.

Cover Pools With Tarp

If you have a pool, you should also cover it with tarp, even if it’s nowhere near your home. That’s because strong winds could blow some of the falling debris toward your pool.

Inform Your Contractor About Vulnerable Parts of Your Exterior

If your backyard or exterior has any potentially problematic areas, it’s important that you point these out to the contractors from the roofing company you hired. That way, the contractors will be able to take the necessary precautions to protect these areas.

Still worried about your exterior getting damaged while your roof is being replaced? You shouldn’t worry about this too much if you hired an experienced roofing contractor.

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