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Reasons to Choose Insulated Vinyl Siding

The siding plays a big role in your home’s curb appeal. As it covers the most part of your home’s exteriors, your siding can actually make or break its overall appearance. Aside from enhancing your home’s looks, the siding can also provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. It makes your home tougher even against the harsh climate conditions of Maryland.

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In choosing the right siding for your home, many Maryland siding contractors would agree that vinyl is a smart choice. It’s not only one of the most cost-effective siding materials today, it also ensures longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance. As vinyl siding can offer you with so many benefits, just think of how much more insulated vinyl siding can offer.

Insulated vinyl siding is equipped with a layer of expanded polystyrene foam at the back. This foam stops air from getting out of your home. This helps in boosting your home’s thermal resistance. Here are some reasons you should choose insulated vinyl siding for your home:

  • Shares Vinyl’s Beauty

Insulated vinyl siding comes in a range of colors, textures, and styles. It actually does a fine job in mimicking wood-grain lap siding, wood shingles, and even stone. This allows you to complement your home’s overall design scheme.

  • Provides Vinyl’s Performance

Vinyl is known for its longevity and durability even against harsh weather conditions. It is also a popular choice among those who dread cleaning their siding. After all, it would only take a garden hose with medium water pressure to wash dirt off.

  • Enhances Energy Efficiency

As it’s insulated, you can expect a more comfortable home all year round. This siding’s insulating capabilities will also help in reducing your monthly energy costs. It is truly a cost-effective siding option.

With these reasons, choosing insulated vinyl siding is an easy decision. And when it comes to siding installations, you can be sure to rely on DryTech Roofing, one of the most trusted siding contractors in Maryland.

Know more about insulated vinyl siding and our other products and services by giving us a call. Choose DryTech Roofing for your siding needs today!