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Reasons to Install Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl is one of the eco-friendly siding options on the market today. With its exceptional insulating properties, you can ensure energy savings and indoor comfort for years. DryTech Roofing shares three compelling reasons to choose this type of material for your next siding project.

Saving Energy Matters

More than just reducing your heating and cooling costs, insulated vinyl lets you do your share in slowing down climate change. It lowers your energy consumption significantly, minimizing your home’s carbon footprints.

Cladding your exterior walls with this innovative type of vinyl siding is a step toward sustainability. Other than requiring just little maintenance and lasting for many decades, you can also have it recycled after its service life. In turn, the need to manufacture new siding products to replace existing ones is minimal compared with other materials.

Giving Your HVAC Units a Break

The more you can maintain your desired indoor climate naturally, the more you can ease the demand on heating and cooling units. Unwanted thermal transfer causes heat loss, forcing your HVAC equipment to work harder just to keep your room comfortable.

Increasing your wall insulating value is key to minimize heat loss profoundly. Reinforced with a layer of EPS foam insulation, premium vinyl siding prevents the hot and cold air from going out. As a result, you’re taking the load off your heating and cooling units, which leads to more savings.

Keeping Moisture at Bay

A NAHB Research Center study revealed that insulated vinyl siding can prevent moisture damage after a storm. It owes its superior drying capacity to its foam, which warms its wall cavity. Without the threat of moisture after heavy downpours, your home’s structural integrity would remain intact.

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