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Reliable Maryland Roofers: Metal Roofing Suits Tornado Prone Areas

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On a regular basis, Maryland usually averages 30 to 40 days of thunderstorms a year, thanks to its proximity to the Atlantic Coast. Moreover, the state also counts as much as up to six tornado strikes annually, which in turn heavily affects the condition of structures, such as homes and buildings.

Roofs deteriorate over time so it pays to ensure the materials used will be compatible with the kind of weather the area normally experiences. With so many options to choose from, it still pays to consult professionals in order to arrive at an educated decision. If you live in tornado prone areas, most reliable Maryland roofers are likely to tell you that a metal roof is a perfect match.

Debunking the myth

Most people have the misconception that metal roofs tend to attract more lightning. On the contrary, major building code organizations say that grounding is not possible because metal is an electrical conductor and is noncombustible. As a result, the metal roof can dissipate the electrical charge, preventing the structure from catching fire.

Coatings are beneficial

Quite a number of attics nowadays have metal roofs to reduce the heat that gets into it and cut back on cooling costs by 10% to 25%. To ensure optimum performance, roof coatings are applied as soon as metal roofs are installed. Explains Facilities:

Sheet metal systems coated with highly reflective surfaces and designed with insulation and ventilation also can provide considerable cost savings for heating and cooling. Roof surfaces also should have high emissivity ratings to allow solar energy and heat to dissipate quickly.

Innovative cool roof coatings for metal roofs have moderate to highly reflective surfaces over a range of colors — not just white — and some engineered coatings can increase the emissivity of the metal roof surface.

Poses no harm to the environment

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life, making them a better alternative to conventional materials. Discarded asphalt shingles occupy a bigger portion of the landfill, so if you opt for metal roofs, you help minimize environmental threats. Also, metal roofs are highly regarded for its ability to disrupt heat absorption, consequently reducing the roof surface temperatures by 60 to 70 degrees.

On the whole, metal roofs have become a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial structures. For a worry-free workmanship, don’t settle for anything less. Work with reputable roofers in Maryland, such as DryTech Roofing, to ensure that your metal roof is safely installed.


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