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Repair or Replace: Signs of a Failing Roof

The roof is an important component of your home. It provides you shelter that protects you from the elements. It keeps you and your family comfortable through the hottest summers to the coldest winters. As it’s one of the most noticeable parts of your home exterior, it also plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal.

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The roof, however, is susceptible to damage. With the wet and wintry season just around the corner, make sure to inspect your roof; if necessary, hire a professional to repair it. Avoid having to deal with roofing problems in the middle of the coldest season of the year.

Sometimes, however, repairs just won’t cut it with roofs; you might need to replace your roofing to ensure a long term solution to your problems. How would you know when to repair or to replace your roof? To help you out, DryTech Roofing, the top roofers in Maryland, gives you these danger signs of a failing roof that will need to be replaced immediately before it can cause costlier problems

  • Leaks in the Attic

You will usually see this after heavy rains. This means that your roof isn’t able to prevent water from seeping into your home. It could also mean that the shingles are deteriorating.

  • Peeling Interior and Exterior Paint

When moisture gets trapped in your home due to poor attic ventilation, it means that there’s excessive temperature or high humidity in your attic.

  • Molds and Mildew Growth on Ceiling and Walls

Stains and growths inside your home mean that water has penetrated through the roof, causing water to settle inside your home.

  • Rotting Siding and Exterior Walls

This is another sign of poor attic ventilation, causing moisture on your exterior wall/siding.

  • Missing, Cracked, Curled Shingles

Wear and tear caused by harsh weather conditions or even aging can lead to damage to your shingles.

  • Dark Spots on the Roof

These could only mean fungus, mold, or algae growth, or the protective granules of the shingles are lost.

  • High Energy Bills

Failing roof causes insufficient attic ventilation and poor insulation. When these happen, your air conditioning system would have to work overtime to compensate with the loss of energy in your attic, resulting to—you guessed it—higher energy bills.

If you see any of these danger signs in your home, you can rely on DryTech Roofing, one of the most trusted Maryland roofers. We can provide you with the best roofing products and services. For more than 10 years, DryTech Roofing has been the go-to roofing contractor in the area, obtaining multiple awards and certifications in the process.

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