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Reroofing: Essentials to Consider When Choosing a Material

The roofing industry has never enjoyed a more robust roster of materials than it does today. Newer options may enjoy the lion’s share of the market, but traditional choices are still popular. Although you’re free to choose whatever material you want to cover your roof, only one or two actually make a particularly excellent choice.

To narrow down your options, experienced roofing contractors, including DryTech Roofing, would recommend considering these key factors:

Roof Type

Roofs come in many shapes and forms. Some lack pitch, while others have steep slopes. For roofs of generous steepness, asphalt shingles are ideal.

Home Architecture

Every home style has its own unique character, commanding a particular set of elements to accentuate its identity. Most traditional homes are synonymous with slate tiles and wood shakes since because they were virtually the only choices in the past.

While these classic materials deliver historical accuracy, many 21st-century roofing contractors would attest that they’re no longer worth the expense. Slate requires a substantial outlay, while wood can hurt your pocketbook with expensive, periodic maintenance down the road. Fortunately, high-quality asphalt shingles can emulate the look of authentic slate or wood at a fraction of the cost and need only minimal upkeep.

Material Weight

Re-roofing with a heftier replacement material means more work. Engineers keep roof weight in mind when completing structural calculations of homes. If you switch from light to heavy, adjustments are necessary to ensure your home could carry the heft of your new roof. Since there’s no other way around it, choosing a heavier material would inevitably affect your project’s cost and timeline.


Unless the sky is your limit, choose a product that makes financial sense for your situation. Most roofing contractors recommend asphalt shingles because they offer the best trade-off for durability, beauty and affordability. If you pick a reputable brand, like GAF, Tamko or CertainTeed, you can get a lot of mileage from your relatively low-cost investment.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, let DryTech Roofing help you make the best decisions. Apart from being certified by the manufacturers we represent, we carry a legitimate license and adequate insurance in Maryland. You can rely on us because we have the expertise, experience and integrity to handle re-roofing projects of all sizes. Call us today at (240) 491-5600 to schedule your FREE inspection and estimate.