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Roof Blisters: Causes and Prevention

As the temperature changes from season to season, roof blisters are becoming a common problem for homeowners. While this problem may not need immediate attention, this can still lead to a damaged roofing if left untreated. In this post, roofing and siding contractors from DryTech Roofing discuss roofing blisters and how to prevent them.

Roof Blisters Explained

Roof blisters typically show elevated spots where there is a loss of roof adhesion. Water and air fill this area up to form a blister – which mimics a bubble on your roofing system. If left ignored, blisters can grow bigger and allow more moisture to seep in, making issues worse for homeowners.

Causes of Roof Blisters

Roof blisters happen because of voids in the roof between the plies or even between the bottom of the roofing membrane. They can stem from an entrapped debris or bubbles in the roofing bitumen. While strict quality control can prevent blisters from occurring, a perfect, blister-free roofing is tough to achieve even under the best conditions. At DryTech Roofing, however, we take pride in our ability to provide you with the highest quality of service when it comes to roofing and siding. We would not be one of the most trusted roofing and siding contractors if wasn’t for our quality service.


You do not need to take any immediate action as soon as you notice the appearance of roof blisters. If blisters are still unbroken and intact, you can leave them alone, as blisters that have pressure inside do not leak. Moreover, homeowners are not advised to intentionally puncture blisters but rather to monitor them over time so they can quickly call for repairs if ever a blister gets worse.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, another bit of helpful advice is to make sure your roofing systems are installed properly. It’s difficult to target a perfect installation, but by choosing trained professionals, your chances of preventing roof blisters are much better.

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